Connie Donahue

The legendary Connie Donahue came up with the idea for the Varsity Alumni Club in 1945 hoping to create an organized body of former Torrington High School Varsity athletes, many of whom had just returned from World War II, to be active and contribute to the youth of Torrington. Since its inception the purpose of this organization has been as follows:

  • To grant scholarship(s) to deserving THS athletes that earn letters for participating in a varsity sport.
  • To maintain a closer relationship between the Alumni and the current THS athletic activities.
  • To better athletics, athletic facilities and promote recreation in Torrington.
  • To keep an organized body of alumni, male and female, who have earned a Varsity Letter for participating in a sport at THS and associates who are interested in aiding sports and recreation in Torrington.

Thanks to the efforts of many dedicated individuals over the past 65 years, the VAC has been extremely successful in achieving their goals… and then some. The VAC has sponsored and coached countless youth teams, ran very successful softball and basketball tournaments (including the Schoolboy Invitational of the 70’s and early 80’s) and of course organized and ran the Varsity Alumni Youth Basketball League for decades. The league began in the 50’s with 28 players and eventually grew to over 600 participants.

Most are aware of the Varsity Alumni Club through the annual scholarships which are awarded each year to six to eight deserving THS student athletes. The first Varsity Alumni Scholarship was awarded in 1948 in the amount of $100.00. Since that time over $200,000.00 has been awarded to graduating Seniors who have participated in sports at THS.